The first session starts at 2 PM until 4:15 PM on the November 19 and will be led by moderator Jon Heemsbergen. Down below you will find the program of this event for November 19. More details about the program of Decemer 10 will follow soon.

* All presentations will be in English.


Start Waiting room



 Start event with initiator Annick Vroom and Moderator Jon Heemsbergen


 ''Annick Vroom is initiator of The Asset of Art. She is co-founder of the new platform Art is a Guaranty. In cooperation with our donors, our aim is to support and connect artists in conceiving and realizing new initiatives to introduce visual art of the highest possible quality to a wider audience.''




''Jon Heemsbergen is a strategic advisor and cultural entrepreneur. His organization Art-up drives innovation in the cultural sector, including an incubator program for innovative cultural projects. Previously, he was, among other things, manager of marketing at the Melkweg and business leader of cultural membership We Are Public."



 Delphine Hesters


 ''She did extensive research in Belgium into the position of the artist in the field of modern art. It signals the beginning of a systemic change. In which visual artist play a leading role.''





 Questions and introduction by Jeff



Jeff Goins

''In his book Real Artists Don't Starve the American author describes the present time as a ''New Renaissance'': a period as an opportunity to flourish as an artist. He presents concrete stragegies for making the most of creative power.''


 Break-out rooms



 Review and reaction of Jeff (completion)

The End

Closing Asset of Art event